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1) Buyer sends LOI and/or request for purchase

2) The seller sends FCO to the buyer the review, approval, signature, and return to the seller, annexed, ICPO and / or (purchase order) to the Seller Company within 24 hours follows.

3) Buyer issue of bank certified profit of funds, to the seller’s bank and seller by email.

4) Seller issue sales and purchase contract by email: for buyer review, and if you agree approved, signs, and returns the seller by email.

5) Seller issued contract, in security paper, in two copy original dub, signed, seal, notarized to the buyer by airmail.

6) Buyer signs, seal, notaries and return one (1) copy original contract to the seller via airmail within 24 hours follows, and sends written communication to the Seller confirming the sends of the contract.

7) Buyer requests his Bank to issue the Letter of Credit and send it Bank-to-Bank over SWIFT to Seller’s Bank within 24 banking hours follow, after the signed and notarized Contract is transmitted over e-mail to the selling company.

8) Seller order the load of the product to the shipping

9) Seller issued POP to the buyer.

10) When the boat is loaded and ready to sail, the SGS will issue an official certificate to the seller and to the seller’s bank, y it him send to the buyer’s bank and seller makes delivery the product in the loading port, which is charged to the buyer and the captain of the ship, and was issued the certificate to the buyer by email, with a set of original documents, kept by the captain of the ship, to the port
of destination, that are delivered to the buyer at the destination port.

11) The buyer gives the order for transfer of letter of credit, the buyer's bank, which shall monetized, and the seller gives the order that the ship sails to its destination..

12) Shipment as per agreement schedule issued at contract.

13) Delivery of the first shipment at the port of destination, within 45 days, starting from the placement of the letter of credit, product delivery at the port of destination by the captain of the ship.

14). The company assumes shipping, and all costs: fulfillment policy, risk policy, and guarantee policy, to deliver the product at destination port, where it delivers the product CIF in the destination of port on the shipping.

Beyond all costs are by buyer.

15. SHIPMENT: According to port capacity.

16. DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCT AT THE LOAD PORT: The delivery making the seller to the buyer and shipment is charged by the captain of shipping, whoever assumes the responsibility of the transportation and delivery of final product.

17. FINAL DELIVERY: We will deliver the product at the port of destination CIF specified by the buyer: within 45 days following the signing of the contract and placed letter of credit.

18. PAYMENT TERMS: Pay with Letter of credit, unencumbered, irrevocable, confirmed, transferable, operative, by the value of each shipment monthly.

BUYER: Placement guarantee for the total contract value.
A. TRANSFERABBLE AND DIVISIBLE to the first beneficiary, against b/l , letter of credit, and payable at sight 100% issued by one (1) first word prime banks (top 25) by email, and under the law of the bank by swift, from clean, clear & non-criminal origin Dollar and Euros.

B. With presentation documents transferable to buyer’s bank. The letter of credit cost, are by the buyers.

19. TRANSFER OF LETTER OF CREDIT, when the boat is loaded and ready to sail, the SGS will issue an official certificate, the seller and the seller’s bank and this in turn it returned to buyer's bank and buyer for email: letter of credit, unemcubered, irrevocable, confirmed, transferable, operative, were released and is transferred to the seller's bank.

19. The company reserves the right to withhold the shipment to funds are transferred in cash 100% to account for the seller Company.


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